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Ask about our positive displacement pumps in Casper, WY and Longmont, CO

Positive displacement pumps are wide and varied in design and structure. Source Equipment has all kinds of positive displacement pumps for sale at our shop in Casper, WY. You can find all types of reciprocating and rotary pumps in our inventory.

Our experts will help you figure out exactly what type of positive displacement pump you need for your project, whether that's a gear pump, screw pump or piston pump. Call 307-234-1643 any time to learn more about our selection of positive displacement pumps.

Find the right pump for your operation

Find the right pump for your operation

When you need a pump that's perfect for high pressure and low flow, precise flow or mud and abrasives, you should consider purchasing a positive displacement pump. At Source Equipment, you'll find a wide variety of positive displacement pumps for sale from trusted brands, like:

  • CoorsTek
  • Roper
  • Myers-Seth
  • CAT
  • ARO
Find the perfect pump for your operation at our Casper, WY store. Visit us today to pick up the positive displacement pumps you need.